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Private Info

Nomad Privacy Policy

By publishing our Privacy Policy, NOMAD wishes to convey its commitment in maintaining your privacy when using our website.

Privacy issues are important factors when doing business on the Internet and NOMAD wants to underline its unwavering belief that your personal information is to be kept private at all times, never to be shared with any other entity.

Unless you specify otherwise, your personal information will not be sold, lent or otherwise made available to any other entity.

All customer data is safely kept and protected in our administration system as well as efficiently managed by the Online Payment System used on our Website (PayPal); who also fully guarantees the privacy of your information when acquiring your Personal Information through their Online Payment System.

NOMAD and users of its Online Payment System acknowledge that the Online Payment System used on our website deliver separate Privacy Policies and are, therefore, responsible only for the policies under their immediate jurisdiction.

Information gathered by our CONTACT FORMS may occasionally be used to send out valuable information or newsletters to our contactees.

This NOMAD Website may contain informational links to other Websites but doesn’t mean we necessarily approve of any of their content or practices. We encourage all Website users to take notice of each Website Guidelines, Practices and Personal Information Policies as they may differ from one another.

PayPal Financial Transaction Information and Procedures:

Note that by using the PayPal Online Payment System made available on this Website, users will :

  1. be directed to secure Web pages showing the well-known CLOSED PADLOCK symbol on the lower right-side of the browser indicating an encrypted algorithm is protecting the information entered from being read by third parties.
  2. see the Secure Hypertext Protocol used shown as HTTPS://... on these secure Web pages

By using the world-renowned and highly-trusted PayPal Online Payment Security System equipped with 168-bit SSL encryption technology, industry-standard protection and security to our customers making their credit / debit card purchases with us is much safer than when purchasing from regular brick-and-mortar retail stores.

Under PayPal Security Functions, only authorized parties have access to customer data enabling them to complete transactions.