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The complete line of Nomad Massage Tables: Portable massage tables, adjustable massage tables, fixed massage tables, electric massage tables and collapsible massage tables: STRONG, LASTING AND FULLY FUNCTIONAL

Top of the Line Massage Tables

Nomad is a specialized manufacturer of a complete line of physical treatment massage tables offering a wide array of models such as adjustable massage tables, portable massage tables, fixed massage tables as well as electric massage tables used in most types of work in need of high-quality treatment tables.

This line of excellent massage tables is used by massage therapists, osteopaths, physiotherapists and a great number of other therapists involved with various health work, in sports, as well as with other physical care treatments.

Top 10 advantages of Nomad Massage Tables

Besides the exceptional qualities Nommad massage tables possess, these massage tables offer the following 10 client-centric advantages:

  1. Excellent manufacturer reputation, since 1997;
  2. All massage tables are UL listed according to highest technical and product standards, including all electrical massage tables;
  3. Highest quality and durability of all materials involved in the construction of each massage table, be it top quality Maple Hardwood or Steel;
  4. Great "Tensegrity"* engineering in all structural designs, ensuring perfect stability in all massage tables, including portable massage tables and collapsible massage tables;
  5. Great variety of available massage tables in size, width, height and lengths;
  6. Great choice of designs in all portable massage tables, collapsible massage tables, fixed massage tables and electric massage tables;
  7. Great color choices in durable imitation leather and finish applied to all massage tables;
  8. Fast delivery and international shipping
  9. Exceptional warranties on all massage tables;
  10. Always respectful and trustworthy after-sales service.

* Engineering term relating to structural designs that perfectly balance tensions within a structure.

Everywhere a good massage table must be

The excellent cost/reliability ratio of every Nomad massage table enables everyone to possess a Nomad massage table for personal or professional use for all types of physical treatment situations, sport treatments or aesthetic work, including spas, where a fixed massage table, a collapsible massage table, or an electrical massage table is required.

Strong, noble and durable massage table materials

Every massage table strructural components, including underlying mechanisms and parts are made of top quality Silver Maple hardwood. Portable massage tables, collapsible massage tables and fixed massage tables all share the same long-lasting and noble materials.

Only Select SAP Maple hardwood is used in all Nomad massage tables. It is especially selected for its strength, its density and its overall hardness, as well as for its fine wood grain giving every Nomad massage table a touch of elegance and class. These massage tables benefit from the same quality of superior hardwood, light but yet very strong.

This very dense and strong Maple hardwood allows for better assembly using screws and special wood glue bringing all components to become one whole, complete and sturdy massage table maintaining its great durability throughout the years without any material fatigue, for personal or professional work settings, where such massage tables are heavily relied upon on a daily basis.

The kiln dried wood is sanded for extra smoothness and then repeatedly sealed and varnished. Each assembly overture is precision-drilled with ultra-modern equipment and templates ensuring that all tables are created to withhold the best Nomad standard of quality and durability, making each massage table fully reliable for years to come.

This meticulous manufacturing process eliminates premature wear and tear of all portable massage tables as well as fixed massage tables and guarantees maximum longevity and long-term profitability of any and all Nomad massage tables.

Tensegrity Structural Engineering in All Nomad Massage Tables

Achieving full structural tensegrity is obtained in Nomad massage tables by using a high-quality PVC covered, seven-wire galvanized steel mesh to maintain high massage table stability and security for years to come, no matter what size users are. Nomad massage tables also use a unique "Trapeze" construction to add to the massage table's overall stability and tensegrity.

Electrical massage tables are built in robust steel, capable of handling any and all levels of physical treatments including sometimes more dynamic and tougher sports therapies, making these electric massage tables strong, work-resistant and literally unbreakable.

Nomad Massage Tables Are Used in All Sorts of Personal and Professional Environments

Many physical therapy practices need professional and sturdy massage tables on which they can fully rely on for their utmost stability and sturdiness to work with all possible treatment techniques. Sometimes soft and sometimes harder techniques are used is in conjunction to obtain desired results. Virile sports massages and more delicate aesthetic, polarity or vital energy treatments must be handled by the same massage table, day-in, day-out, in many professional settings.

Many other treatments like Physical Abandonment, Trager, Key-In, Shiatsu, Kuatsu, Swedish massage and other rhythmic methods and treatments using alternate softness and vigour – like in high-level sports massage, can count on Nomad portable massage tables, collapsible massage tables, fixed massage tables or electric massage tables for full satisfaction and compliance.

Massage Tables that Help Therapists and Clients Alike

Both therapists and clients fully benefit from all models of Nomad massage tables, in each their own way, because they are designed and manufactured by a team of skilled professionals highly aware of a wide range of industry views regarding all types of physical therapy, no matter what method or technique is used in any of them.

Surfaces and padding supporting body weight, material resistance and softness, fabrics and appeal, maintenance and durability are carefully studied, evaluated and taken into consideration by Nomad massage table designers and builders to produce and deliver the best possible body massage work tool available in all distinctive portable massage table, collapsible massage table, fixed massage table or electric massage table formats.

Designed for the professional's "Pleasure" and Client Comfort